Weber Summit S-460 Built In Gas Grill

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On March 8, 2014
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Weber Summit S-460 Built In Gas Grill

Weber Summit S-460 Built-In Grill


If you are looking to take your home entertaining and outdoor grilling to the next level then the Weber Summit S-460 built in gas grill just may be the appliance you need. Designed for outdoor kitchen’s and every type of grilling possible, it is difficult to imagine anything you won’t be able to cook on this beautiful classy grill. It looks like Weber thought of everything when they designed this grill.

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Loaded with Helpful Features

Weber grills are known for their great features that makes grilling simple and easy, but the Weber summit S-460 is loaded with features to make grilling on this grill a dream. Here are just some of the features that are sure to catch your immediate attention.

Incredible Cooking Features

The S-460 has plenty of cooking features including a 468 square inch of cooking area and an additional 112 inches of warming area. It also has a stainless steel smoker box so that your grilled food can have that incredible smoked taste, and a rear positioned infrared rotisseire.

There are 4 stainless steel burners, as well as stainless steel flavorizer bars and 9.5 inch diameter stainless steel rod cooking grates designed to last for years of use.

The Snap jet individual ignition system allows you to use just a small portion of the grill the entire grill surface.

Cooking After Sunset

Weber has added additional features to the Summit S-460 that makes grilling after sunset easier. The front mounted control panel features lighted control knobs and there is also a grill out handle light so that you know exactly where the handle is when grilling after dark. These added features helps ensure that you can safely grill even after dark.

Easy Clean Features

The Weber S-460 also has several features that makes this grill extremely easy to clean. Starting with the enclosed storage area with an interior storage shelf. While the shelf is convenient for storing those grilling tools and items when you are not using the grill, the enclosed cabinet itself hides the propane tank keeping your grill looking neat and tidy while the outside of the cabinet is smooth and easy to wipe off spills.

In addition the Summit S-460 has a slide frame design which means that even though this is a built in grill, it can easily be slid out from it’s space in your outdoor kitchen for cleaning and maintenance. So you can not only keep your Weber grill sparkling clean, but your entire cooking area cleaner as well.

Worth The Price?

While the Weber S-460 is by no means an inexpensive grill and indeed has all the features one would want and expect to find in a high end grill, this Weber grill is actually priced lower than many other grills with far less features, making it a great value for the price. In short the Weber Summit S-460 has everything you could want in a great outdoor grill. Plenty of cooking space, rust resistant stainless steel throughout, easy clean features and a price tag that makes this grill highly affordable.

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