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Weber Ranch Kettle Grill is the Best Large Charcoal Grill everyone could ever dream of. It is solid with quality, cooks evenly. The large surface can cook for a large party. If you want to charcoal grill for a large number of people, this is the grill for you.

Weber Ranch Kettle Grill

Weber Ranch Kettle Grill

Weber Ranch Kettle Grill


Weber describes the Weber Ranch Kettle Grill as a Charcoal grill on steroids, and this may well be the case. This one large grill perfect for cooking for a large neighborhood get together, without people having to eat in shifts, or eating food that has cooled down.

In fact, if you put running lights around the outside of this grill and turned them on at night, someone might mistake this grill for a UFO! This is definitely a charcoal grill is that is designed to cook entire meals for a large family or group.

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Features of The Weber Ranch Kettle Grill

If you love grilling for a lot of people then the Weber Ranch Kettle Grill will get your excitement levels up. Here are some of the great features this grill has.

  • A full 1104 inches of cooking space! Enough to grill 2 large turkeys or 6 to 8 whole chickens!
  • Porcelain enamel bowl and lid for durability.
  • Tuck away lid holder
  • 2 glass reinforced nylon handles
  • Hinged cooking grate makes it easy to add charcoal or wood while grilling.
  • Easy to empty ash catcher
  • Locking casters to hold keep the grill from rolling away when cooking.
  • Hooks for those cooking tools and hot pads
  • Comes with an owners guide and recipes.
  • Dimensions are 42 X 37.75 X 44.75
  • Shipped only within the United States
  • Limited warranty

Weber Ranch GrateNo More Eating In Shifts

With most standard size grills, in order to serve 15 or 20 people you either need to fire up multiple grills or people end up eating in shifts in order to enjoy food hot from the grill. With this grill you can easily cook for 20 to 30 people and have everyone sit down to hot food including the person manning the grill. This makes family meals and get together more fun since everyone can eat together and enjoy each others company.

Plenty of Room To Cook Away From Direct Heat

With the Weber Ranch Kettle grill, you have plenty of grill space that you don’t have to cook all of your food over direct heat. This means this grill will be perfect for that slow roasted chicken, or slow cooked ribs that are fall off the bone tender.

What Actual Users Like About This Grill

Here are a few of the things that actual users liked about the Weber Ranch Kettle charcoal grill.

  • Several users found that they heat was easy to control with this grill, allowing them to make food that came out perfect time after time.
  • Other Users loved the hinged grate and stated that it makes adding coal during cooking simple and easy.
  • Still other users felt that this grill was a real pleasure to use.
  • Of course, some users found cleaning a grill this big to be somewhat difficult, while others stated that all you needed to do is spray it with some degreaser and then spray it down with a hose. Of course if you are looking for a grill grate that will nicely in the dishwasher this grill really isn’t for you.

While not everyone needs a grill with a large cooking area for those that do that Weber Ranch Kettle will certainly meet all your expectations.


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