Weber Smokey Joe Gold Sale

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On June 17, 2013
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Weber Smokey Joe Gold

Weber Smokey Joe Gold

Smokey Joe Gold


If you are looking to combine the flavor of charcoal grilling with portability so that you can enjoy grilling wherever you are then you might to want to check out what people are saying about the Weber Smokey Joe Gold. This little portable grill is designed to go camping, tail gating, or wherever you travel.

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Features of the Smokey Joe Gold

The Smokey Joe gold charcoal grill is not only easily portable, but it has all the features you need to prepare wonderful grilled food time after time. These features include:

  • The 14 ½ inch nickle plated cooking grate is plenty large enough to cook for small family.
  • Glass reinforced nylon handles
  • Locking lid, makes transporting this grill convenient. When using the grill the lid lock doubles as a lid holder.
  • Porcelain enamel bowl and lid helps to hold heat in.
  • Side and top vents
  • No rust aluminum vent
  • 10 year limited warranty

What is the Difference between Silver and Gold?

For those consumers who are familiar with the Smokey Joe Silver, there are some significant differences in these two grills. The most noticeable differences are the locking lid and the position of the vents. So with the silver and gold be different grills, which one is better? Deciding which grill you prefer is something that you will need to decide for yourself, however understanding the differences between the silver and gold Smokey Joe may help make their decision somewhat easier.

The Locking Lid

One of the differences between the Smokey Joe silver and gold is the locking lid. The gold has one the silver doesn’t. The benefit of the locking lid is that if you want to take the Smokey Joe to the beach or the park for grilling lunch or dinner you can transport either the gold or the silver. However, the lockable lid helps to ensure that your grill will travel holding everything together safely and securely. Most users stated that the locking lid for the Smokey Joe gold was a feature they really liked and found useful.

Placement of Vents

Another difference between the Smokey Joe Silver and Gold is the placement of vents. The vents in the silver are in the bottom of the grill, while the vents in the gold is in the top and sides above where the charcoal is placed. Many users feel that the placement of the vent in the gold version restricts air flow while there are others who claim that the higher air vents helps to keep the juices from cooking meats from dripping out of the grill. Other users state that the so called ventilation problem has more to do with the quality of charcoal one buyers rather than the grill itself.

It seems that when deciding between the Weber Smokey Joe Gold or Silver that most users have their preference for one or the other although most users agree that the Smokey Joe Gold has all the quality one would expect from a Weber grill and several happy grill owners have owned this grill for many years.

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