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Cooking with George Foreman Grills


George Foreman Champ Grill

George Foreman Champ Grill

When it comes to Electric Grills, George Foreman Grills are known to be one of the most popular grills in the households today because of many reasons

Affordable – George Foreman Grills price anywhere from $20.00 all the way to mid $100.00.

Compact – The grills are made for 2 persons serving all the way upto 15+ people.

Indoor use – Electric grills can be used indoor without any smoke or fume. This makes it very popular for grilling all year round. It is also good for apartment or condos where gas or charcoal grills are not allow because of fire safety.

Easy to clean – George Foreman Grills are easy to clean because the surface is non-stick. It does not have grid or grates where food can fall into the fire. Yet the plate is designed so it can create sear mark on the food. It also comes with tray to catch the grease. While most grills are used for large party cooking or entertainment, George Foreman Grills can be easily used for small party and everyday’s cooking.

Reduced-fat grilling – These grills are contact grills where food is pressed from both sides causing the grease to be released out from the food. George Foreman uses non-stick surface and it is slanted downward so the grease will drain out from into the grease catching tray easily.

Cord Storage feature – Most George Foreman Models have cord storage feature which makes it easy to put in storage.

George Foreman Grill Recipes

There are many recipe books dedicated for George Foreman cooking and grills to help you make the most of the George Foreman grill and reduced fat cooking. Check out our collections Here

Different Models of George Foreman Grills

George Foreman Grills come in 4 different styles

Classic – These are also called “Champ Grills”. They are small to medium sizes and have top and bottom plates. This type of Grills is available in 2-3 servings, 4-6 servings, and 7-9 servings

Removable Plates – These are medium size grills for 5,6,7 servings. The Grill plates can be switched out and they are dishwasher safe

Multi – Plates – These are grills which can different style of plate for grilling all the way to baking dishes. It is handy and can be used for different types of cooking. They come in 5 or 6 servings

Indoor/Outdoor – These are the largest models of grills for 12, 13 or 15 people. Most of them have stands for use without putting it on a table.

Classic Plate (Champ Grills)

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Removable Plates/Multi-Plates

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Indoor/Outdoor Grills

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George Foreman Grill Recipes

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