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Even though Q240 is an electric grill, it works just a like a gas or charcoal grill. It heats up fast and maintains heat well. It can create sear mark and makes food taste like it was grilled on a gas grill. Great for those who live in a condo or apartment that do not allow gas grills.

Weber Q240 Electric Grill

Weber Q240 Electric Grill

The Weber Q 240 Portable Electric Grill

This model has been discontinued and replaced by Weber Q2400

With more and more city ordinances and rules for apartments, townhouses, and Condos forbidding the use of any grill with open flame, enjoying those meals cooked out of doors is a little more difficult to achieve than it use to be. The Weber Grill company understands how much people enjoy grilling during the warm months of the year, and not wanting those apartment and Condo dwellers to miss out on the joy of grilled food has created a line of electric grills, that allows them to enjoy the taste of grilled food without the open flame. The Weber Q 240 is an electric portable grill designed for small families.

Features of the Weber Q 240 Portable Electric Grill

The Weber Q 240 Portable Electric grill has some great features that makes this grill both sturdy and functional and although it uses electric energy it is designed to give most users a real honest to goodness grilling experience. Here are the main features of this grill:

  • 1560 watt Electric Grill
  • 280 Square Inches Cooking Space
  • Aluminum With Glass reinforced nylon frame and painted finish
  • Porcelain Enamel cast Iron cooking grate (the same heavy duty grates they use in their charcoal and LP grills.)
  • Removable drip pans
  • 6 foot grounded electrical cord
  • Dimensions: 25 X 24 X 26
  • Portable cart optional
  • 5 year limited warranty
Weber Q Rolling Cart

Weber Q Rolling Cart

One of the nicest things about the Weber Q 240 electric grill is that Weber uses the same high quality materials for this grill as they do for their charcoal and gas grills. Just because these grills are electric doesn’t mean that the company scrimps on the quality of these grills which is probably why Weber electric grills are the most popular of all the electric grills on the market today.

The Weber Q 240 From Actual Users Viewpoints

Actual users find the Weber Q 240 to be an exceptional grill. Most of the reviews for this grill were written by users who preferred charcoal or gas grills, but due to circumstances needed a grill without an open flame. While many started out with reservations about using an Electric grill this grill seems to have won most of them over. Here are some of the features and functions of the Weber Q 240 that users really like:

  • The Food Produced On This Grill- Most users were really pleased that the Weber Q240 could produce great tasting food for an electric grill complete with with perfect grill marks. While some people felt the food coming off this grill tasted as good as they have gotten from gas grills others users found if you threw a few wet wood chips on this grill you could create a real honest to goodness grill taste. (Note: Place the wood chips in a pan on tinfoil and close the lid to make the most of the smoky flavor.)
  • Enough space to prepare steaks for a Family of four- While this grill is small enough to be used on a small balcony, it is still large enough to prepare a meal for a family of 4.
  • Ease of getting Parts- Should your grill wear out a part or two most users like the fact that it is easy to get parts for this Weber grill.

While not everyone wants or needs an electric grill, for those who love grilling, but can’t use a grill with an open flame the Weber Q 240 portable electric grill seems to be an excellent alternative.


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