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Easy to install. It has everything you expect in a quality grill. Very well made. Last easily over 10 years. It is worth the investment for those who are serious about grilling

Weber Genesis Silver S310

Weber Genesis S 310 Stainless Steel Gas Grill

Weber Genesis S-310 Gas Grill

With backyard grilling becoming increasing popular, and more people grilling their food out of doors not just in the summer months, but from early spring until late into the fall you are going to want a grill that will not only make grilling easy, but will hold up to repeated use year after year. For those looking for more than a portable grill the Weber Genesis S-310 may be just the grill you are looking for.


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Get a Premium Cover for my Weber Genesis Gas Grill

Grill Cover for Weber Genesis S 310

Grill Cover for Weber Genesis S 310

For those of you that have explored the Weber Genesis E-310, you will be pleased to know that the Weber genesis S-310 is pretty much the same high quality grill , it just has more stainless steel to give this grill an extremely high quality look and easy to clean finish. It’s a great looking grill designed with the attention to detail that Weber is known for. It comes in 2 versions, Weber Genesis S-310 Liquid Propane Gas Grill and Weber Genesis S-310 Natural Gas Grill.

Features Of The Weber Genesis S-310

The Weber Genesis S-310 (Liquid Propane Gas Grill) is a sleek looking Stainless Steel liquid-propane grill with many fine features. These features include:

  • 637 square inches of cooking space.
  • Front mounted controls for your convenience
  • 3 burners that each have individual electronic ignition so you can use this grill to cook food for just the two of you or an entire crowd.
  • Stainless steel rod cooking grate makes for easy cleaning and great tasting food.
  • Fuel gauge that let’s you know when your propane is running low so that you make sure you have another tank on hand.
  • A built in thermometer to help you regulate temperature so you can make those perfect grilled dishes every time.
  • Grease management system that moves grease away from the burners and into a catch pan.
  • Enclosed cart that allows you to hide away the propane tank and has two roomy side tables to help you keep those needed items close at hand.

The Weber Genesis S-310 is attractive enough to fit into that outdoor kitchen seamlessly, but the castors on the cart also allows you to easily move the cart (without the added weight of the propane tank) in order to clean or to change locations with little effort. While far to large and bulky to be a portable grill in the truest sense, you can move it to various places in your yard for different entertainment needs.

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Weber Genesis S-310 Grill Review

Like the Weber Genesis E-310 the S-310 seems to rank high in rating sites across the web. Actual owners of this grill seem to love their Genesis 310 and are not at all shy about stating some of the things they really like about this grill. Here are just a few of their favorite features.

  • Easy to assemble. This is important when dealing with a grill of this weight.
  • Extremely durable and Sturdy it’s sure to last for many years of grilling with proper care.
  • While most owners are sure that this grill will last them for years they are also pleased that parts for this grill are readily available just in case something goes wrong.
  • The grill itself heats fast and makes great food.

By the look of most of the users reviews the Weber Genesis S-310 grill is a grill that not only is easy to use and heats to the temperatures you want, but is also going to last you for years of grilling fun.


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