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Weber Summit S-620


Weber Summit S-620Every neighborhood seems to have at least one master griller, who loves cooking on a grill in the great out of doors whenever weather permits and usually inviting half the neighborhood. If you are the master griller in your neighborhood, or simply have a large family and are looking for a grill large enough to meet all of your grilling needs you just might want to take a look at the Weber Summit S-620 Stainless Steel 838 Square Inch Grill.

For starters the Summit S-620 comes in both a liquid propane and natural gas version which makes it perfect for those who are looking for a grill to connect directly to their natural gas line as well as though who don’t have natural gas or simply prefer cooking with propane. While this is a nice feature it doesn’t begin to explain all that the S-620 has to offer. Let’s take a look at some of it’s most useful features.

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838 Square Inches of Grilling Space

One of the most complained about features of most grills is the lack of actual grilling space. That’s something that you simply won’t have to worry about with the Summit S-620 as it has 838 square grilling enough to grill hamburgers for that boy scout troop all at one time, or simply to grill your complete summer dinner including those steaks or chicken breasts, corn on the cob and other vegetables and even grill a little bit of fruit on side.

It also has a large side burner that perfect for good size sauce pan, or saute pan.

When you lift the lid, two grill lights shine directly on your food, so you can see what is cooking and how close it is to being done even when it starts to get dark.

Even Grilling and Built in Thermometer

The S-620 has 6 stainless steel burners as well as stainless steel flavorizer bars to help ensure that when using the entire grill you can even grilling temperatures across the entire grill. The stainless steel lid also has a built in thermometer so that the lid can lock in the heat, and you always know if your food is at the correct temperature at all times.

Since this grill uses the Snap jet Individual ignition system you can light as many or as few burners as your need, so you don’t have to fire up the entire grill surface to just make burgers for two or three people.

Makes Organization Simple and Easy

The Weber S-620 also makes staying organized while grilling out simple and easy. Not only does the grill come with the handy side burner so that all of your food can be prepared in one place. It also features 6 tool hooks for keeping your tools and close and hand, and the storage cabinet is designed not only to hide away your propane tank for also has space for keeping those paper towels and plates and other grilling items right with the grill.

The Weber grill has just about every thing the master griller of the neighborhood (or just your family) could want and need.

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