Weber Summit S-420/E-420 Sale

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On June 15, 2013
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Weber Summit S-420

Weber Summit S-420

Weber Summit S-420


Part of the Weber summit series the Weber Summit S-420 is a high end grill that is both high functioning and great looking with its large cooking area and it’s gleaming stainless steel finish. While the Summit S-420 is loaded with “extras” it takes the basic grill to all new heights.

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Features of the Weber Summit S-420

The Weber Summit S-420 has all the features you need to grill any type of food to perfection. Here are some of the features that makes this grill unique.

  • 680 square inches of grilling space, more than enough space to have the entire family over for dinner.
  • Stainless steel cooking grates and flavor bars help keep the heat evenly distributed and extremely hot.
  • Front mounted controls allows for easy access to fine tune the heat of your grill either up or down.
  • Snap jet individual ignition allows you to fire up just the grill space you actually needs.
  • 2 Stainless steel work areas to keep those sauces and buns close at hand. One of the areas opens up to allow access to side grill.
  • Grill light for night time cooking
  • 6 tool hooks allows you to keep those tongs, spatulas and hot pads close at hand.
  • Cart has enclosed front to hide away propane tank, built in thermometer so that you know the exact grilling temperature, and a fuel gauge so you know in advance when you are getting low on fuel.
  • Sear Station allows you to increase the heat on part of the grill to get the perfect sear on that steak or those chops without overcooking other food on the grill.
  • Measures 30 x 66 x 57

Worth the Price?

Many people look at the price of the Weber Summit S-420 and find themselves wondering if this high end grill is really worth the price. While only you can answer this question there are a few things you may want to take into consideration.

First, the Summit S-420 is made by Weber. This company has earned a reputation for producing high quality grills that are meant to last. With a reputation to live up too, you can bet that the workmanship and quality of this high end grill far surpasses that of most high end gas grills.

Second, all of the major parts of this grill are made from stainless steel. As you probably know stainless steel is resistant to rusting making it the perfect material to be used in grills that sit out of doors for at least several months a year. Long after other metal grills have rusted through a stainless steel grill may still be looking new.

Lastly, is the fact that the Weber Summit S-420 doesn’t just have a few features that those who love grilling out of door want, they have all the right features to allow you to show off your grill talents to all your friends, family, neighbors. Best of all with a sear station for getting the perfect sear on that meat, a side burner for cooking several different types of foods at one time, and easy to reach and adjust controls, a built in thermometer, and a handy fuel gauge this grill is built for convenience.

For those who can afford the best in grilling technology, the Weber Summit S-420 just may be a grill to consider.

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