Gas Grills

by Betty Foreman

Cooking With Gas Grills


Grilling has become a way of life for many people during the summer months or those living in milder climates. While there are those who swear by those old wood and charcoal grills, there are those that have discovered that a gas grill is better suited to their lifestyle. Here are just a few of the things that people find that they like about a gas grill.

Choice of Type of Gas

You can either purchase a gas grill that can run from a regular gas line just like your gas appliances in your home (Natural Gas Grill) or one that uses a refillable propane tank (Propane Gas Grill). Many gas grills have options for both natural and propane gas.

A few gas grill owners do use natural gas and the natural gas lines for their grills, especially those who have a complete outdoor kitchen, many others prefer a propane gas grill, as Propane gas is fairly inexpensive, the tank can be easily removed for refilling or when you want to move your grill and need to lighten the load, and tanks come in a variety of sizes to meet individual family’s needs.

Advantages of A Propane and Natural Gas Grill

With a gas grill you don’t need to keep a stock of wood or charcoal on hand. In addition most of these types of grills come with an electronic start so that all you need to do is push a button to get that grill fired up which is much more convenient that messing with charcoal, starter, and then waiting forever those coals to heat up enough to be able to cook. A gas grill only takes minutes to heat up to cooking temperature.

Gas grills are also great at cooking all different types of foods including chicken, burgers, prime rib, steak, pork loin, seafood and all kinds of great vegetables. There are also optional accessories such as a horizontal rotisserie to make shiskabobs and warming plates to warm those hot dog and hamburger buns and keep food warm while you finish cooking.

In addition, you won’t have to deal with those messy ash pans and finding a way to dispose of them so you can clean your grill and have it ready for your next cookout.

Disadvantages of A Gas Grill

One of the disadvantages of a gas grill, is that it is often difficult to keep these grills at a constant low temperature. This means that unlike other types of grills you will not be able to use these grills as a smoker if you want your grill to do double duty. For most people this does not pose a problem, but for those who want to smoke their own fresh caught fish or other meat it means purchasing a separate outdoor appliance.

You also won’t get that wood or charcoal grilled taste on your food with a gas grill. At least not naturally there are some tips and tricks you can find about placing wood chips in tin foil beside your grilling meat that will help to add some of that charcoal taste to what you are cooking.

While gas grills may not be for everyone they are the perfect type of grill for many people fitting their lifestyles and their taste for cooking outdoors.


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