Propane Gas Grills

by Betty Foreman

Is Propane Gas Grill Right for You ?


Over the past few years Propane Gas Grills have become increasingly popular. With the advent of home improvement stores, and manufacturers making propane grills more inexpensively, people can now find affordable propane grills in just about any size and with a multitude of features to choose from. According to the latest research propane grills have dramatically increased in popularity and sales for these types of grills have skyrocketed.

Propane gas grills need to be vented properly so you need to use them outside or at least on a screen porch. They are also available in a variety of different sizes so these are the perfect grills for those people who have limited space on a balcony or in their back yard. They are also capable or reaching high temperatures which results in getting a good sear on your stake at just about any time of the day or the night. These grills also have a number of different features you can choose from which allows you to choose a grill that is perfect for the type of grilling you do most often.

The Benefits of Propane Gas Grills

There are many benefits to propane gas grills besides their reasonable price. These grills are usually well made and if properly maintained can last for years and often a lifetime. In addition, the propane tanks are easily available and can be replaced simply and easily. You just exchange the empty tank for one that is full. In some areas getting your tank refilled is quite inexpensive (though it can be pricey in some areas.)

Many of the newer propane grills come with measuring wand that actually allows you to see how much propane is left in the tank, so that you know in advance if you should have another tank on hand for that backyard grilling event.

As far as food goes, you can cook almost anything on this type of grill from those burgers and hot dogs, to steaks, pork, seafood, and even chicken and fish. They also make great grilled vegetables and tasty grilled fruits as well. About the only thing you can’t do on a propane gas grill that you do on a charcoal grill is smoke food. It is simply too difficult to maintain extremely low cooking temperatures with this type of grill and those low temperatures is what is needed to make perfect smoked fish and meat.

Disadvantages Of Propane Gas Grills

Besides the difficulty in maintaining low temperatures making smoking food more difficult. There a are a few other disadvantages to these types of grills. First, propane grills, emit an exhaust that needs to be well vented and is not really good for the environment. It can also make your clothes and hair smell as well as the clothes and hair of your guests.

While propane gas grills have many advantages they also have a few disadvantages so consider these advantages and disadvantages carefully when deciding if a propane grill is the right choice for you.


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