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Great Portable Infrared Grill. Cooks fast and heat well. Easy to use. Very well made. All stainless stell except the ceramin heating plate.

Napoleon PTSS215P1 Freestyle Portable Infrared Gas Grill

Napoleon PTSS215P1 Freestyle Portable Infrared Gas Grill

Napoleon Portable Infrared Gas Grill


Portable grills allow you to enjoy grilled food at home, the park, the beach, when camping or wherever you happen to be. If you love the taste of great grilled and love eating it wherever you go, but hate the wait when cooking on most grills, then you might be interested in learning more the Napoleon PTSS215P1 Freestyle Portable Infrared gas grill. This is one portable gas grill that is easy to take with you and provides you with great tasting grilled food in an extremely short amount of time.

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Features of the Napoleon PTSS215P1 Freestyle Portable Infrared Gas Grill

The Napoleon PTSS215P1 portable infrared gas grill has many great features that makes it both attractive and highly functioning. These features include:

  • A Tightly sealed lid with a wind resistant design to help insure that all the heat this grill generates goes directly where you want it to be, to the food you are cooking.
  • The stainless steal construction of this grill not only gives this grill a polished and sophisticate look it also means that this grill is bound to last for years enabling you to really get your monies worth.
  • The 215 square inches of cooking space gives you adequate room to cook for three or four people while the 105 square inch warm rack will keep your food warm while your setting the picnic table.
  • Since this grill is designed for 1 pound propane cylinders makes this grill light weight enough to travel, the optional 4 inch hose to run a 20 pound tank will guarantee that you have enough fuel for those backyard dinners.
  • Since this grill has folding stainless steal legs it is easy to store when traveling.
  • The electronic starter allows you to start this grill at a push of button and the removable drip pan makes clean-up a breeze.
  • The Napoleon Infrared Grill also has optional hardware so that this grill can be used on a boat. Making this a grill that can truly go anywhere.

Napoleon Freestyle Portable Infrared Gas Grill Review

While there isn’t an abundance of reviews for the Napoleon Infrared Grill, the ones that are out there show that this is high functioning and well loved grills. Actual users love the ease of use of this grill as well the great tasting food that you can achieve. When it comes to searing most users agree that you won’t find a better grill that this gem. They find it sturdy and dependable.

However, most users do point out that is small learning curve with this grill especially for people who are used to cooking on slower more traditional grills and do suggest that you read the manual for this grill through prior to using to get some helpful cooking tips.

They also point out that this grills cooking time is so fast that you can’t simply throw that steak or those hamburgers on the grill and go sit down while enjoying a beer with friends. The speed at which this grill cooks makes it important that you watch your food and cooking times unless you like charred beef and chicken.

Overall the Napoleon PTSS215P1 Freestyle Portable Infrared Gas Grill is a good choice for those who want a take along grill that speeds up cooking time so that you can actually spend more time eating than it takes to prepare the meal.

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